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Consulting and Technical Services

State of Maryland

Department of Information Technology

Consulting and Technical Services +


PROJECT NO. 060B2490023-2016

Nam Technologies Inc is awarded with CATS+ Contract to provide Information Technology (IT) Consulting and Technical Services for the State of Maryland.

The Master Contract shall be an Indefinite Quantity Contract with Firm Fixed Prices in accordance with COMAR and COMAR, and Time and Materials in accordance with COMAR Fixed Price (FP) and Time and Material (TM) TO Agreements, as described in each respective TORFP/RFR, will be issued under the Master Contract, as appropriate to the type of services being requested. In addition, revenue neutral, or commission-only concepts may be applied.

Nam Technologies shall provide Consulting and Technical Services in collaboration with our partners for the State in the following Functional Areas:

  • Functional Area 1: Enterprise Service Provider
  • Functional Area 2: Web and Internet Systems
  • Functional Area 3: Electronic Document Management
  • Functional Area 4: Geographical Information Systems
  • Functional Area 5: Software Engineering
  • Functional Area 6: Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance
  • Functional Area 7: Information System Security
  • Functional Area 8: Application Service Provider
  • Functional Area 9: IT/Telecommunications Financial & Auditing Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 10: IT Management Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 11: Business Process Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 16: Media and Training Center Support
  • Functional Area 17: Documentation/Technical Writing
Nam Technologies teamed with ETTE to deliver services in the areas of data processing and hosting.
Nam Technologies teamed with WorkStream to deliver Programming, software development, MS Access, quality assurance, operations andworkflow development. business consulting.
Nam Technologies teamed with Myoses to deliver high-end IT Versatility Systems Engineers who understand the breath of ITSolutions.
Nam Technologies teamed with FPA Solutions Inc., to strategically deliver services ranging from network integration, managed IT services, hardwaremaintenance, help desk support, and VoIP solutions.

Period of Performance : April 26, 2017 to April 21, 2018

eMM Identification Number : 00033456

State of MD, Small Business Reserve Program (SBR) Certificate Number : SB12-24315