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NAMBS, is an easy-to-use cloud billing software solution that would accommodate all billing processes and procedures while offering the following:

The primary objectives of this solution include:

  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Electronic Funds Transfer with Credit Cards, Cashiering and Invoicing
  • Backflow Testing
  • Work/Service Order processing
  • Web Extensions for customers to view and pay utility bills online
  • Web Extensions for customers to request services and communicate
  • Ability to integrate with the client’s existing financial systems

Additional Features

  • Complimented with excellent technical ticketing systems
  • Allows remote support
  • Tightly integrated modules with fully functional solutions with multiple levels of processes and approvals
  • Facilitate the exchange of information by supporting electronic messaging and mail functions.
  • Flexible Security functionality providing controls that meet the latest auditing standards and in accordance with best practices in the industry
  • Basic financial processes such as closing year-end and opening new fiscal year should be automated without no developer intervention.
  • Well-designed user-defined fields and export functionality into Excel and .pdf formats as well as provide flexible standardized reporting.
  • Complimented with ad-hoc report writing capabilities.