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Electronic Document Management Services

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Electronic Document Management Services (EDMS)

Client:Black & Veatch

Across North America, each of county’s social services are starting to scan all of their client case files and DHS would like to find an enterprise solution for them. DHS would like to see these files become part of their current FileNet solution. Each county could have their own document class and security. With the State Office staff having only the access that the counties would request. They could email links to the documents that the State Office staff need to review, creating a quicker turnaround and less paper.


DHS is currently looking at possibly rolling out a telemedicine solution. Telemedicine is where medical information is transferred through interactive audiovisual media for the purpose of consulting, and sometimes remote medical procedures or examinations. DHS is very interested in using ITD’s videoconferencing solution of Polycom CMA for this solution.


Several hospitals are looking at providing clinical and professional support of a licensed pharmacist to the Human Service Centers.


DHS is currently looking into the possibility of integrating a web-based prescribing and medication management system with the electronic medical record solutions used by the Human Service Centers and possibly State Hospital. This is in alignment and support of the goal of Meaningful use to improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities. Functional areas include CPOE-Medications, Drug Decision Support, Electronic Prescribing, Medication List and Medication Allergy List.