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NSS, is an easy-to-use cloud billing software solution that would accommodate all billing processes and procedures while offering the following:

The NAM School Soft has come up with a school management software that offer better solutions than the existing software and the idea is to collaborate with institutions, starting with the educational establishments of United States of America, and provide them the best NAM has to offer. The investments in the private education sector is surely to grow, at least the last couple of market scenarios suggest so. And it contains untapped opportunity that can turn into a huge success. The idea is to proceed step by step – from local to national then to the international market. This software is going to cover all branches of educational institutes. Also provides integration with different peripherals like digital signature panels, scanners, card readers, etc. This provides quick return of investment and low maintenance costs for schools and educational institutes.

Functional Requirements, this software is going to have modules to cover complete education institute management. In future we are going to add more modules to support customer needs.

  • Students Module
  • Drag & Drop Class/ Schedule Transfer
  • Easy Registration
  • Easy to add documents
  • Quick preview of pending tasks.