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We at NAM Technologies work with clients spanned in different industry sectors like Retail, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Transport and Government. We listen and we do wise investment in understanding their needs. Our consultants possess the essential technical know-how approach, domain expertise, and comprehensive industry awareness to recommend the best solution.

Banking & Financial services :

our strategy supporting Banking and Financial sectors include

  • Big Data
  • Monetization of digital channels,
  • Enhancements to the user experience
  • Upgrading of Cash Management and Treasury Management Solutions
  • Cloud Computing
  • Automate regulatory compliance while making Data readily available

Education :

our solutions address below aspects

  • Education, our solutions address below aspects
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data Analytics for grading
  • E-Learning platforms
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Knowledge Management

Energy & Utilities :

we understand business trends and strategized our offering through below:

  • We are helping our clients to use social media as a customer acquisition and retention medium for competitive energy retailers, as a consumer engagement channel to drive customer participation in energy efficiency programs and as the emerging area of crowd-sourcing distributed energy resources coordination.
  • Big Data Analytics.
  • Mobility for improving the accuracy and effectiveness of the field force
  • Innovative strategies to address smart-grid-generated metering and real-time sensor data
  • Predictive analytics utilizing data mining thereby making the tools and resources accessible to business users
  • Cloud Computing

Healthcare :

enable our clients to offer their patients with much improved sources of knowledge and fast, improved medical service.

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Automate regulatory compliance while making Data readily available
  • Cloud Computing

Insurance :

Provide custom application development and smart offering through below:

  • Provide Big Data and Analytics while aggregating huge volumes of data and analyze it to make intelligent business decisions.
  • Enable customers with Telematics and usage based insurance (UBI) while offering them an ability to create more granular pricing segmentation and improve the accuracy of pricing by using a customer’s actual driving behavior and thereby creating a basis for generating rates.
  • Automate regulatory compliance and make data readily available.
  • Provide robust portal environment that provides functionality to agents, including uploading applications, quick quotes to bind and issue endorsements, quick-and-easy access to appetite guides, and proprietary rules and forms.

Retail :

we classified our offering through below services to our retail customers.

  • Create and enhance Social platform for our customers and help them improve merchandise by engaging their users.
  • Provide Data Analytics to find customer preferences and other business opportunities basing on the data collected from various sources like Mobile Apps, Websites, Credit Card programs and Social Media
  • Cloud Computing