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Nam Technologies, Inc. shall apply engineering, security, and scientific disciplines to perform technicalanalysis, database support, programming support besides selection of hardware and computer software, or modification toexisting hardware and software for systems, test facilities, and training facilities. This also consists ofsoftware engineering efforts and programming support to technically support software implementation in systems, subsystems,and components.

Planning, designing, coding, testing, integrating, supporting, and deliveringalgorithms, software (source code and executables), computer programs are the inherent activities. Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions and product modifications (e.g., softwaretools, licensing, and associated hardware) which are incidental to the overall support service efforts would also be considered to offer our customers where required.

Our ability does include in applying software engineering efforts and programming support required to develop,implement, and maintain customizable software visualization applications that will support diverse sets ofdisparate data and information sources to provide analytical tools for data querying, link analysis, timelineanalysis, predictive analysis, pattern detection, and situation awareness.