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NABS, is an easy-to-use cloud based Integrated Auditorium Booking Software System solution that would provide a seamless, efficient, customer-friendly, and cost-effective Auditorium allocation and administration. NABSsoftwarecompliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards referred to as “PCI-DSS,” and have the ability to export financial transactions for financial system input. The primary objectives of this software solution include:


The primary objectives of this solution include:

  • Improve staff’s ability to serve customers by utilizing technology to reach a greater customer base and provide heightened user accessibility to services and information
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce operational costs


Additional Features

  • Facility rental price list allows for unique charges based on user type (i.e. – non-profit, private, commercial, government)
  • Facility rental availability can be viewed via calendar and spreadsheet
  • System can produce facility usage reports
  • System can produce mailing list for facility users
  • System allows for default charges to be entered for facility types, customer types, and unique charges
  • System prevents double booking of the same facility or room within facility
  • Ability to track available equipment and amenities for each facility/bookable area
  • Ability to track function (e.g. what type of event) and specify by facility the types of functions that can take place there