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Assess existing IT infrastructure, Establish the baseline for services and resource requirements prior to tacking in new directions.Assessment of the existing environment and recommendations related to risks and challenges of the existing environment will include at a minimum of:

  • System architectures related to capability, capacity, and performance
  • Technology, facility construction, and O&M workload related to technical resource capabilities and capacity
  • Strategic direction
  • Cyber security posture
  • Feasibility of service delivery goals in the context of “World Class” expectations
  • IT Department organizational structure
  • SWOT analysis establishing baseline profile of the current environment
  • Best-in-Class organization comparisons with benchmark descriptors
  • Identification of gaps revealed by SWOT analysis and Best-in-Class comparisons
  • Tactical options and impact analysis
  • Impact analyses will articulate financial, technological, structural, service level,vision and mission, and human resource considerations

Create the “Future State” vision and recommend means of transition from thebaseline, having established a point of departure, the evaluation will describe the destinationand develop options for successfully tacking from one to the other.

Design for the IT infrastructure and associated components that will be delivered inproduction, at the completion of the project.

Propose a solution that includes recommendation regarding costs associated withpurchasing and/or leasing hardware and software based directly on the solution design,Installation, testing and implementation of a fully operational production IT infrastructureand network.