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Development of Scope Management and Requisition Tool (SMART) Software

Client:Black & Veatch

Nam Technologies, Inc. recently worked on a short Scrum project that had a nearly a full-time software developer allocated as a resource to the team. We initially worked with the client to understand the architectures and providing architectural design solutions for streamlining their bid management practice. We spent enough time to understand the need while working closely with business leads in understanding the requirement and making sure the architecture is intact at development level.

The client, Black & Veatch is looking to streamline the scoping process to submit bids to their clients and issue purchase orders to their vendors. The solution should allow templates to be used for specific project types, based on the client for which the project is being taken up. The solution should have to capability to allow new template creation for future projects. Black & Veatch currently uses excel based templates for scoping purpose. Application has to be accessible for users outside Black & Veatch network. A template is used to create a scope once a work order is received from the client. An Order of Magnitude (OOM) is prepared by project manager based on the site inspection and sent to the client. Client gives the purchase order to the Black & Veatch. Black & Veatch Project manager will assign the vendors for that particular scope. The application should allow creating bulk project scopes. Role based access. Ability to upload documents to a scope request. Retrieving and Sending the Vendor, PO data from/to Oracle and ePOM systems (External Systems). Data will be to and from the Oracle system using BizTalk Interfaces. Uploading / retrieving the documents from/to Documentum.

We lead the project’s the offshore team in application detailed design, development and provided functional support while maintaining retrospective meetings with client and updating with monthly/weekly status reports. We implemented agile development practices including test-driven design/development and continous integration.

For generating classes based on Database tables, we Implemented DBFirst approach and extensively used JQuery functions in Model View Controller Pattern; CSS3 and HTML5 functions in MVC project. We used ViewBag, ViewData and TempData Objects in MVC. The application’s admin setting file setting and WSS Setting pages are also developed while extensively using Form Collection object for loading view details, T4 template for generate code from database besides implementing display and edit templates, Layout and ViewStart views for maintaining consistent look and feel across all the views. We implemented Partial Views and Render Partial views for reducing the complexity. For grid that uses PageList classes we implemented Paging. For decorating the action methods, we used Action Selectors. For T-SQL Query optimization and debugging, we used SQL Profiler and Query Analysis tools.

We also extended our support in Creating Database Tables, Stored Procedures, Writing SSIS packages, Performance Tuning, Unit Testing (Using NUnit),Bug Fixing and UAT.