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Department of Information Technology

Short Term IT Staffing/Open Enrollment

ITS-400191 Amendment 1 to ITS-009440

The State, through the Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) Statewide IT Procurement Office, is seeking qualified IT Supplemental Staffing Providers (ITSS Providers) to provide IT Supplemental Staff to State Agencies. The ITSS Program seeks to better equip the State to recruit, staff, and manage IT supplemental staff at market competitive rates. The goals of the program are to:

  • Improve cycle time and other process measures for staffing requests
  • Improve quality of IT Supplemental Staff submitted by vendors and staffed by State of North Carolina,and
  • Achieve hourly rate savings for IT supplemental staff

The Managed Services Provider (MSP) IFB was awarded to Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) to assist the State in the implementation of the ITSS Program and administration of IT Supplemental Staffing.CAI will actively participate in the candidate screening and staffing process. The hiring agency will determine the degree to which CAI will screen resumes and candidates prior to moving them on to the State for review.

CAI will screen candidates based on the job description and requirements in the IT staffing request as well as standard requirements for all IT staffing request across the program.

The ITSS program will continue to use the standardized roles. Providers awarded the IT Staffing Provider Contract (ITS-009440) will have the same, single, fully burdened (inclusive of 4% administration fee and 1.96% MSP fee), not to exceed rate card that will be applicable to all candidates submitted across all of the standardized roles.

Nam Technologies shall submit a candidate specific rate for IT staffing assignment request in accordance to the Not-To-Exceed rate card specific job title/skill levels established in Attachment B1 of ITS 400191 Amendment 1 and Attachment B of the IT Staffing Provider Contract (ITS-009440).

Period of Performance : February 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018