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Case Management System

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The NCMS software is built to help prosecutors and other staff with a legal case management software solution that is hosted centrally and can be accessed from any location via our wide area network, and/or remotely via SSL and/or VPN. That system would allow detailed management reporting via client specific defined requirements and user specific dashboards.

The primary objectives of this solution include:

  • Case Management Centralized Repository (A Case Profile)
  • An integrated CRM (Client Relationship Management) System
  • An integrated Docketing/Calendar Management System
  • An integrated Document Template System (a system for generating standard legal documents from information located in a Case Profile)
  • An integrated Document and e-mail Management System
  • An integrated Litigation Support/e-discovery System
  • An integrated Intranet/Extranet Capability
  • An integrated Records Management System (Dead File Management with bar-coding)
  • An integrated Conflict Avoidance System
  • An integrated Electronic Forms Routing System (a Workflow System)