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Innovation in practice

When we chose to build products instead of following other technology companies down services route, we knew we were competing against the world’s best. We needed to build products that simply solved issues in ways no one else could. The key – we created a work culture that was steeped in innovation.

Sometimes a good idea comes out from a water cooler moment. From someone not satisfied with the way the world works. The people take pride in knowing that no idea is dismissed. We follow it through and the team works on it as though the idea was theirs. Fuelled by passion to go a little further, try a little harder, and see things from a different perspective. We share a single dream – to get people closer using simpler communication modes.

A place where new talent is nurtured, we have achieved many milestones. A perfect blend of raw talent and experienced professionals from diverse academic backgrounds: engineering, commerce, arts, mass communication, media, animation, make NAM Technologies a dynamic entity.

Everyone is challenged to think differently. Instead of the rudimentary ‘How?’, our conceptualization revolves around ‘How Else’. This revolutionary concept gives our products a cutting edge and keeps them ahead of its time. We take pride in finding innovative ways of making communications smarter and simpler, reducing costs and saving time.

‘Fun at work’ is the mantra at NAM Technologies. Everyone truly enjoys what they’re doing – sharing ideas, taking initiatives, exploring, innovating, inventing… All employees are given an equal opportunity to grow personally and professionally. This positive and healthy environment is beneficial to both – the company and the employee.

At NAM Technologies, we are motivated to be innovative, responsive and committed. Here, quality and customer satisfaction are a way of life. Much importance is given to market research, customer feedback and novelty in technology. We are firmly grounded in our values and follow a fundamental approach to business. Individual as well as company performance is strictly measured against business strategy, market results, stakeholder value and thought leadership. Technology innovation and creativity have always been the foundation of our growth and success.

NAM Technologies is indeed, innovation in practice.