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NIPMS, is an easy-to-use cloud based Integrated Parking Management Software System solution that would provide a seamless, efficient, customer-friendly, and cost-effective parking operation. NIPMS software includes a variety of modules that allows one to process credit cards, manage monthly parkers and employees and print bar-coded validations quickly. The expectation is that workflow and data managementrelated to these internal operations and citizen portalwill be integrated through the solution, whichcomplies with these basic functional requirements:

Data Collection, Collection and storage of parking management information. For use by operations personnel or data archives in the region.

Electronic Payment, Parking payment collection using in-vehicle equipment (tags) or contact or proximity traveler cards used for electronic payment. Includes field elements and back-office functionality.

Parking Management, Monitor vehicles and current parking availability within parking facilities. Use driver information systems (e.g., DMS) to provide parking availability and other parking facility information to drivers. Support local traffic control coordination around the parking facility.